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Before you know about the benefits of an ECG Interpretation Course, there are certain things to know about ECG itself.

Electro Cardio Gram i.e. ECG is a machine that records the electrical activity of your heart. Cardiac muscle, like all other body muscles, reacts to electrical depolarization and produces certain electrical signals. These electrical signals formed due to heartbeats produce an ECG strip. That’s when the ECG interpretation is required. The interpretation of this ECG strip is, of course, done by a healthcare professional. But it’s found that many a time even a healthcare professional find it difficult to interpret an ECG strip and ECG interpretation is one of the oldest yet simplest forms of cardiac investigation and assessment. These are the reasons that ECG Interpretation Course has been introduced.

ECG Interpretation Course

An ECG Interpretation Course is a program especially introduced and designed in a way that healthcare professionals can master in analyzing ECG. Though, having a modern machine, it’s quick and easy to have the electrical depiction of heart, but, for making easy interpretation of the ECG strip, an ECG Interpretation Course is required.

Benefits of ECG Interpretation Course

Who Will Benefit from Doing The Course?

ECG Interpretation Course would benefit nurses working in cardiac units with monitored patients, coronary care units (CCU), intensive care units (ICU), emergency nurses, practice nurses and ambulance officers, just to name few, would be benefiting doing the ECG Interpretation Course.

Ensures Appropriate Medical Intervention without Delay

Primary health clinics, doctor’s clinics, pathology labs, cardiac wards, general wards, proactive screening and emergency departments, just to name few places, ECG is everywhere. Certainly, ECG is performed on large number of patients in various clinical environments. And you might be working in an area where you have to take an ECG or have ECG monitored patients. There are situations which require early recognition of abnormal rhythms. So, knowing how to interpret and analyze an ECG strip does apparently ensure appropriate medical intervention and transfer to tertiary care without any delay.

Learning Outcomes

The learning outcomes of ECG Interpretation Course are the most crucial and important part of the course. This course will enhance your knowledge, skills and confidence to analyze ECGs. By the end of the course you’ll be able to:

  1. Give a detailed account of normal cardiac anatomy, physiology and blood flow through the heart

  2. Calculating heart rate

  3. Give a detailed account of conduction system of heart

  4. Classify normal and abnormal rhythm and components on ECG i.e. Assessment of rhythm

  5. Observe abnormal waveforms., measure intervals and segments and evaluate other relevant waves

  6. Analyze the ECG in Coronary Heart Diseases and Cardiac Arrhythmias.

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