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( Rajasthan Paramedical Council, jaipur )



FEE - 35,000/- PER YEAR




Course Introduction

“Radiology is one of the exciting and interesting  that makes the use of imaging to distinguish and treat diseases available in the body” .

The aim of this statement is to confirm the current scope of practice for the professional workforce for diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy. The term ‘professional workforce’ includes the following practitioners:

  • Diagnostic radiographers.

  • The rapeutic radiographers.

  • Sonographers.

  • Nuclear medicine technologists.

  • Dosimetrists.

  • CT Scan , MRI & Diagnostic Reaserch Centres.

  • Others working at autonomous practitioner level.

  • Government Hospitals

  • Private Hospitals

  • Public Health Centres

  • Nursing Homes

In this way, this scope of practice statement is relevant for all those health care professionals working within diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy with the exception of the support workforce, including assistant practitioners, for whom other statements have been published.

Licensing and /or Certification

To award /issued Diploma & Registration to Succusful candidates by Rajasthan Paramedical Council which is duly constituated by Ministry of Health Government of Rajasthan. 

Jobs & Career Opportunities

Career in working as radiology technologist is a smart choice!

It is a demanding profession.

The career and job opportunities in the field of radiography are very extensive. The demand of radiographers has been increased in recently, with the development in technologies the medical science created a new and wide scope in radiology. In India, the radiographers can work both in private & government hospitals. Numbers of jobs are available on part time and full-time work.

After completing your course you will become a radiographer. The radiographers perform the ultrasound test which is known as sonography. The employment prospects for radiographers are vast, both within the country and in overseas. Radiographers are constantly in demand in various health centres like nursing homes, hospitals, diagnostic centres as well as super-specialty hospitals.

Radiology field is expanding vastly in the area of medicine. Due to advances in computer technology, this field gets the advantage as it is closely linked to modern imaging.

You are provided with the job as per your specialization, experience and skills. There are several career paths available in the radiology field.

Necessary Skills and Qualities

Medical imaging is far more complicated than “taking pictures.” Obtaining images of high diagnostic quality requires precise attention to detail. X-ray technicians must therefore follow physicians’ written orders meticulously. Because technicians are on their feet for long periods, the job requires a high level of fitness and stamina. Finally, technicians should enjoy hands-on work with complex machinery and be able to troubleshoot minor equipment problems.

Opportunities for Advancement

Experienced X-ray technicians can expect salary increases and greater flexibility in scheduling and shift selection. Over time and with experience, radiologic technicians will use more sophisticated imaging techniques and may specialize in a clinical area of interest such as MRI or cardiac imaging.

Defining individual scope of practice

1. Within the roles and sectors described above, a member of the professional workforce can develop

his or her own scope of practice as he or she determines, provided that he or she is adequately

educated and trained and competent to practice. He or she must work ethically and in accordance

with the SCoR Code of Conduct and Ethics.

In identifying and communicating their individual scope of practice, they must consider the roles and

environments in which they work and ensure that they are educated and competent to operate in

their specific roles.

In making decisions about what is included in their individual scope of practice, they must:

work within the advice and guidance given in the HCPC’s Code of Conduct and Ethics9 and

within current legal and ethical frameworks;

seek authorisation/IR(ME)R entitlement from the employing authority or, if practising

independently and self-employed, establish and work within appropriate governance

procedures;put the interests of the patient first at all times, including acting as an advocate;

develop and maintain competence to practice through continuing professional

development; recognise deficiencies in knowledge, skills and competency and take appropriate action;


Eligibility : 10+2 Science Biology or c Science Maths with Minimum 45%

Age        : 17 Years Completed as on 31st December.

Fee        :  Course Tution Fee 35,000/- per Year. 

Course   : Coures duration is two years.

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