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( Rajasthan Nursing Council, jaipur )



FEE - 50,000/- PER YEAR



General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM)

Course Description

  • ·Offers 3 years of full time Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery including Period of Internship. 

  • ·It is targeted towards those with keen interest in this sector

  • ·It will help the students in enhancing their skills and knowledge for a better career

The focus of general nursing is the care of the sick in hospitals. Schools of nursing are attached to teaching hospitals. The candidates need to have passed the senior secondary examinations. Both science and art students are eligible for study. 

The duration is three years.

The course focuses on grooming professional nurses.

The course provides balanced professional and general education and enables students to become professional nurses.

The course prepares nurses to work at bedside and take up leadership roles in public health nursing.


Scope of Nursing

  • All staff nurses provide direct patient care.

  • Nursing supervisor is responsible for the nursing care management of a ward or unit.

  • Assistant nursing superintendent manages the nursing care of more than one ward or unit.

  • Nursing superintendent is responsible for hospital nursing services.

  • Director of nursing is responsible for nursing services and nursing education.

  • Community health nurse (CHN) focuses on the reproductive child health programme.

  • There are clinical instructors, tutors, lecturer, professors and readers in nursing.

  • In military nursing, nurses become commissioned officers.

  • There are high administrative positions in nursing service such as Deputy director of nursing at the state level and the nursing ad visor to the government of India.

Nurses working abroad

In recent years there has been a boom in nursing jobs abroad. Healthcare institutions in prosperous countries have found India as a new destination for recruiting well-trained English speaking nurses. Delhi, Bangalore and Kochi have emerged as the three main recruiting hubs. Delhi-based agencies focus on the US market while those in Kochi and Bangalore are facilitating migration to other destinations like the Gulf countries, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Ireland and UK.


Fee Strcture : Tution fee 50,000/- Per Year.

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