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  • I have Arts Subject in 12th which Medical Course is Suitable for me ?
    For Arts Subject Students the best suitable course is G.N.M. After Passing the Course Students can do work in a Hospital as a Nursing Staff
  • I have 65% in 12th with Bio Subject which course is Best suitable for me ?
    For 65% & above in 12th with Bio subject students the best suitable course is B.Sc. Nursing which is a 4yrs degree course and after passing the course student can do work in hospital and teaching in college as well.
  • I Have Math Subject in 12th can i do Paramedical Courses ?
    Yes! Sudents have math subject in 12th can do paramedical Courses Like DMLT, DRT, DOTT & DECG.
  • I am very weak in English which Course i could do easily ?
    All medical courses medium are English So english is nessecary But you can do GNM Course which is easy as compare to other medical courses
  • I want to be CT scan technician which course should i do ?
    DRT Course includes Sonography, CT Scan & X-ray technician work.
  • Do all Courses Govt. Affilated and eligible to work any state of India ?
    Yes! offcourse all Diploma & Degree Course are affilated to Govt. University & Govt. Council and eligible to work any state of India
  • I dont want to Join Classes just want to appear in Examination.
    No! you dont Every Student have to join classes regularly otherwise Permission is not given to appear in examination.
  • Do i need extra tution to Clear Examination
    No! You dont The students which join regular classes could easily able to clear examination
  • What percetage is required to Clear Examination
    50% must be necessary to clear examination
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